11 February, 2014

"Angers vivre mieux naturellement" gets itself talked about, at national scale

"Angers vivre mieux naturellement" fait figure d'outsider dans la campagne électorale. Mais le mode de désignation de son leader lui a récemment valu une audience nationale. Cela devrait l'aider à atteindre le seuil requis de 55 membres dont les plus anciens sont unis autour du refus de la rocade Sud et de l'aéroport Notre-Dames des Landes. 

Unknown a few months ago, the list "Angers vivre mieux naturel-lement", has recently got a national audience. The French daily Le Figaro dedicated a coverage on that roundup which has a website, a Facebook page and... a leader. The designation of that one interested the newspaper because she, Nathalie Sevaux, was selected... at random. That kind of choice (her name was drawn from a hat in plain street) "was a mean to show that everyone may involve without necessarily [to rely on] an hypothetical miraculous leader", says Mrs. Sevaux, herself monitor in biological agriculture.

For all that, the "founding fathers (and mothers)" of "Angers vivre mieux naturellement" did not decided to compete in the municipal elections yesterday. In October 2013, while a socialist regional convention took place in Angers, the list had already expressed its opposition to the Notre-Dames-des-Landes airport scheme. The ecological ideas are (naturally) at the core of their programme. In urbanism, the candidates want to "reconciliate the city with the Maine banks "without being megalomanic)". Regarding traffic, they plan to set up the second tramway line and "to give up the South ring road". In economy, the platform wants to introduce a local currency, the Muse. They also promise they will implement the Anticor chart prohibiting the holding of multiple offices.

"Angers vivre mieux naturel-lement" is due to file 55 names in order to compete for Angers city council in March. A few names would miss to the completion of the list and its members say they will not have difficulties to get the necessary money (€ 6,000) to be candidate. "Angers vivre mieux naturellement" doesn't know what will be its score after the first round but, in case of defeat, strongly believes that its ideas will survive.

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