10 February, 2014

The Jeanne d'Arc avenue books a table

Tout au bout de l'avenue Jeanne d'Arc, un "Bistrot de l'Avenue" vient d'ouvrir ses portes. Après avoir bourlingué dans nombre de villes et continents, son propriétaire a apprécié le calme de cet endroit un peu retiré du centre-ville. Fraîchement revenu d'outre-Manche, François de Ferron propose une cuisine du marché pour les fidèles de Curnonski et bientôt des brunches sous les branches. 

Located at the end of the Jeanne d'Arc sandy promenade, a new restaurant, the Bistrot de l'Avenue, has opened there mid-January. If Jeanne was one of the fiercest enemies of England, the owner of the place is, on the opposite, a friend of of the Kingdom and, more generally, of English speaking countries where he lived and worked for years. François de Ferron, Angers native, travelled around the world. Rome, New York and Washington where some of the places where he built his experience. He also be in charge of the "cuisine" on luxuary yachts properties of billionaires and visited Asia and the Arabic world.

So it was impossible for him to cut in one go with those experiences while "I still think in English after my return to Angers last September", he says. The "Bistrot de l'avenue" followed a "Café de l'avenue" and that change in the title sums up Mr. de Ferron's idea. In that location, a little bit apart from down town, he daily cooks a "cuisine du marché" with only fresh products. Already opened  all middays from Monday to Friday and all evenings from Thursday to Saturday, the "Bistro" should extend his schedules as soon as the Angers weather will be a little bit less Londonian.

 Under large plane trees, a wooden terrace is ready to welcome customers and there brunches will also be served on Saturday and Sunday mornings from spring.

The Bistrot has already attracted guests from the nearby Louis Gain offices. Bankers and lawyers are frequent visitors. François de Ferron opened his Bistrot the same day Antoine Louboutin did with his own one, on Molière square ("The Bistrot Louboutin, a London touch in Molière square", Adn January 28th). Both met in London and will have sure one of the restaurants "in" of Angers.

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