15 February, 2014

The Maine part of the town

Les pluies continues qui se sont abattues sur l'Ouest de la France au cours des dernières semaines commencent à "se refléter' dans la Maine. Certains des accès périphériques du parc Balzac sont fermés et certains des quais de la Maine sont recouverts par les eaux. Ce phénomène, à la fois esthétique et régulier, a-t-il été intégré dans le projet des Rives nouvelles?

The abundant precipitations over Angers, as the Western part of France, during the last weeks, start to be noticed in the surroundings of the Maine river. The Balzac park, a favourite place for walkers, runners and bikers, regularly flooded in winters, has now its paths closed because of the water. The disruption in minds of some joggers who choose to wear pink washing-up gloves was real... And, if water rises, the Balzac car park will become soon impracticable.

The Maine quays and banks are now invisible. The barges in renovation in front of the universitarian library are close to the level of the speed way what might lead authorities to drown its underground sections. The barges along the Carmes quay are now inaccessible, their ramps being covered by water. And for sure, the floating pizzeria, "L'eau à la bouche", has a name paradoxically suited to the current situation. People living in barges moored to the Savatte quay have no other choice but to use a dinghy to reach the bank.

Angers looks to be a little Venice, something the design team of the New banks of Maine scheme has maybe not considered. The plants layouts, the sandy paths and the electrical networks along the banks could be affected by the rise of the river. When the Maine will be out of its bed, it will to late for wake up!

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