21 July, 2013

While Angers implemented the tramway, Palma had to give up its "Tranvia"

The Angers inhabitants who love their tramway must be satisfied. In spite of the economic crisis which hit, and still badly affect, financial balances of many cities from 2008, Angers succeeded to keep its tramway scheme on its tracks and even is working on a second line. That was not the case of Palma de Mallorca which even never had the opportunity to think about a second line because the first was  purely and solely given up.

Called the "Tranvia", the tramway was due to connect Palma down town (400 000 inhabitants) to the city airport, the third of Spain, then to all the beaches of the East side, and had, in those conditions, good perspective of affluence. The works were due to start in 2011 for a completion in 2013. The estimated cost was around € 200 millions. And after that first line, a second was planned towards West coast.

All these projects have been buried and the inhabitants use still buses. But the conditions of travelling are in Palma very different than those of Angers because on the Mallorca capital, buses do not have always specific lanes then can't go faster than cars. That situation, which slowers the traffic, has moreover something bad for travellers. Buses are air-conditionned. In summer, it is sometime hard to to change from an icy atmosphere to an overheated air. Tourists are never happy!

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