18 July, 2013

Dramatic increase of unemployment in Angers area in a single year

The latest news about unemployment figures in Angers area are not encouraging. According to the local Maison de l'emploi, there is a dramatic increase of unemployed people whose number on May 31st - around 24 000 jobless persons are registered in the 33 cities and villages members of Angers Loire Métropole - is now higher by 13% compared to the previous year. The trend of persons immediately available for a job is even more dramatic because it soared by 16% in a single year. And things are even worse for inhabitants of Alm without job for more than a year : their number has exploded by 27%.

Credit : Angers Developpement
According to local medias, these results are "very bad" and their evolution is "catastrophic". Even if the rate of unemployed person
s in Angers is still lower than the national rate (10.1% vs. 10.2%), the margin is narrowing month after month
what will make of that issue one of the most important stakes of next municipal elections planned in spring 2014 and the fierciest adversary of the main contenders, Frédéric Béatse (socialist) and Christophe Béchu (conservatory).

These, as well as all the other candidates, can only set up a favourable environment for private companies leading these to recruit. Here the ways may diverge. Some policies may focus on facilities for inhabitants or for companies (or both). Others may emphasize the competitiveness of local companies through lower lower charges. Both means are conceivable but they will not make disappear on short range one of the main worries of voters who ask themselves : who is next?

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