07 July, 2013

Half tramway line : total ineptness

The track towards the second line
The Angers municipal campaign which will accelerate after the end of summer holidays could generate a lot of projects for the city development, some more serious, others less. An original idea which could be part of that last category has recently appeared. It came from the town centrist movement regarding the second trolley line the mayor has recently revived. According to the centrist party members, the most appropriate thing, given the economic circumstances, to do would consist in a half tramway line!

Belle-Beille campus
If it was said first that a new line could not be implemented before 2020, the planning has recently be shortened by the mayor : the project could be launched before. But nothing new has been said regarding the route it will follow linking the Belle-Beille and Monplaisir districts through down town.  According to the centrists, a half line would be sufficient. But wich part of that line : Belle-Beille- down town or Monplaisir-down town?

Monplaisir distric
The two districts claim they need a tramway connection to Angers centre. Belle-Beille hosts thousands of students who need such a facility and Monplaisir recalls it has not yet taken benefit of the urban schemes which modernized other city districts So the solution the centrists encourage will let half of the inhabitants potential beneficiairies of the second line with a bit of anger for the loosers and it is not sure half a project would decrease the costs by 50%. They didn't say how they would explain their choice to those who would not get the facility... 

And it is likely the few companies able to build the new line would rather work on larger schemes outside Angers. So how can such an idea see light? Maybe the heat?

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