15 July, 2013

The Maine between fair work and fireworks

According to local medias, numerous Angers inhabitants watched the fireworks of July 14th set up on the Maine banks. Another fair work took place along those river sides at the end of June due to a group of inhabitants who, every year, tries to make that place a little bit cleaner. If the number of volunteers looks to increase year after year (as well the quantity of wastes) for that "citizen initiative" they were nevertheless far less numerous than the passers-by of the National Day.

In his monthly chat on July 9th, Frédéric Béatse, Angers mayor, payed tribute to that idea even if the quantity and the diversity of wastes he found in the place he had to clean up was "a bad surprise". That made him aware about the absence of  care some  inhabitants had of environment and led him to ad "we shall have opportunities to talk about that later"...

That episode demonstrates that the implementation of the New Banks scheme should be enforced by an education of people about the environment of the Maine. What, given the discoveries that occured, would be a little revolution.

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