13 July, 2013

From Anjou Velo Vintage to "Back to the 30's" : past as future in Angers and Anjou

From left or right, some local initiatives look to coincide in reminding to Angers and Anjou inhabitants the appeal of what daily life was in that region somes decades ago. At the end of June, Anjou Vélo Vintage invited lovers of old bikes to travel along the Loire banks between Angers and Saumur in an atmosphere coming from the pre-war period. Anjou Vélo Vintage "that astonishing time machine", set up by the Conseil général de Maine-et-Loire (right), is followed that National Day July 14th by a similar idea coming from Angers city council (left), which will take place in the Saint-Aubin island where Angers inhabitants are invited to "a jump in the past".

Of course, these authorities and their representatives are not obssesed by the past and dedicate a lot of time and resources to create a favourable environment for Angers and Anjou inhabitants but that unofficial convergence questions and at least, reflects a large worry of French opinion what The New York Times recently illustrated. Angers and Anjou people are wondering on themselves and their country. The event of July 14th "will be an opportunity for participants to wonder about the advantages of modernity... and to wonder about the impact of modernization on our ways of consumption and on environment", writes the Angers city website.

But, until the French National Day 2013, traditions are living in Angers and even in advance on general uses. Between the 13th and the 14th, bars and cafes will have the right to stay opened all night long! That's unique in a year. Maybe that is predicting similar authorizations for all stores in Angers for End of Year holidays! A true jump into the future!

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