29 July, 2013

More than 20 English speaking medias dedicated coverages about the remarks of the Cholet mayor regarding Roman population

A lot of US and UK medias dedicated coverages about the remarks expressed by the mayor of Cholet, the second city of Maine-et-Loire, regarding the fate Gypsies should have deserved from Hitler. More than twenty English speaking medias print and web reported the case. In most of the news, those medias notice that Gilles Bourdouleix now faces political sanction and prosecution after he said about Gypsies who welcomed him mimicking Nazi salutes : "Maybe Hitler didn't kill enough of them".

In US, Fox News, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Tribune are edited reports on the case. In UK and Ireland, the Daily Telegraph, the BBC and the Irish Times did the same. Most of them point out that a person found guilty of defending crimes against humanity can face up to 45,000 euros ($59,500) in fines, a year in jail, or both. Others details the Cholet mayor is under the fire of the UDI, a political party he could be expulsed.

Others recall Cholet is not far from Montreuil-Bellay, an Eastern city of Maine-et-Loire, which hosted a internment camp for Roman populations until 1946. In the Chicago Sun, the town of Cholet is located near Nantes, what, given the circumstances, is not necessarily, a damage for Angers.

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