12 July, 2013

Uncertainties about the route and the financing plan of the second trolley line due to run before 2020

Uncertainties (circles) for the route - Credit ALM
The Angers Loire development board has set date for the second tramway line given that the government will wait schemes until September 15th. For that project, the authority wishes to get about € 44 millions in allocations to finance part of the final cost : € 289 millions without the passengers cars. But "at once, we don't have the means to finance the whole line", pointed out Jean-Claude Antonini, president of the board who didn't rule out the idea to realize the scheme in two steps.

Even if Mr Antonini didn't disclosed what step would be first : one can guess that the first would be the connection between Beaucouzé and Angers down town because there are no uncertainties about that route. It is not the case of the second half between Angers down town and Saint-Sylvain d'Anjou because the route has yet to be choosen between Gain or Montaîgne streets but, above all, regarding the way out after Monplaisir district.

Surveys are presently on course regarding the definitive route and those, once completed, would help Alm board to make up its mind after the municipal elections of next year. The works would have to start between 2016. In the months to come, a wide consultation will be implemented in order to collect ideas and opinions. Given the chances of a work in successive steps, fights between districts for getting the line could be tough. So it's clever to decide after the elections.

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