25 July, 2013

Black October after the next removal of Angers electronic billboards

Twelve of the 14 electronic billboards set up less than a year in Angers down town will have to be removed until October 1st. That order was given to the JCDecaux company by an Angers district attorney, after himself received complains of the Historical Monuments Department and the Association pour la sauvegarde de l'Anjou. According to those authorities, the 12 billboards were located near historical monuments what is forbidden by law.

If, at the same time, those billboards brought animation in down town, the colours they used were quite gaudy and it is quite surprising ads in down towns, printed or electronic, may use all the colours they want, while, at the same time, real estate owners must respect regulations regarding the colours of their walls or their windows... But, an inconvenient will come from that decision in the next months.

For economic and environmental reasons, Angers city has decided to save up energy (and money) regarding the lighting of the streets by night. One out of two street lights are running during nocturnal periods. The Decaux electronic billboards brought light in the locations they were set up. What is going to replace that after October 1st while state has already planned restrictions to lights during nights? Security is a priority for nocturnal pedestrians.

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