10 July, 2013

Attractiveness and comfort : a difficult but necessary alliance for Angers

The renunciation to a new congress centre, one of the most important components of the New Banks scheme, was probably a difficult choice for Frédéric Béatse, Angers mayor. It is not sure the anticipated implementation of a second tramway line between Beaucouzé and Saint-Sylvan d'Anjou between 2020 will  counterbalance that give-up.

The Maine et Loire chamber of commerce had already deplored that choice and suggested a relocation of the congress centre, designed to enhance Angers attractiveness for business tourists, near the Angers railway station. That situation illustrates the arbitrations Angers city, and many other towns, will have to face for financial constraints and the different analysis between territorial authorities.

Some want to give priority to projects aiming at the external attractiveness of Angers city. Others rather push schemes designed to improve daily life of inhabitants. But, in the long range, it is possible that the two categories may, at the same time, give attractiveness and comfort. So the art consists in their clever dosages in the short range.

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