11 July, 2013

Inao bureau : union of Angers decision-makers has finally paid off

The common stance of the Angers and Anjou decision-makers has been awar
ded. The Angers bureau of the Institut national des appellations d'origine (Inao) which was due to teave the city for another destination will finally stay there and will even be strenghtened. A few weeks ago, that national autorithy in charge of the regulation of French agricultural products through protected designations of origins, planned to close its Angers bureau for organizational matters.

That perspective had triggered an opposition coming from all the components of the political spectrum of Anjou, allying Christophe Béchu (right) and Frédéric Béatse (left), likely contenders of the next municipal elections in 2014. Finally, the Inao board not only cancelled its first idea but even choose to transfer from Vertou (Loire-Atlantique) a team of engineers who will probalby double the number of the employees located in Angers. A departure would have been worrying for all the sponsors of the vegetable mission of Angers.

For Mr Béchu, "the arguments I have supported have won the choice". "Such a decision will strenghen the national and international role of Angers in the vegetable through reseach centres and higher education as well as economic actors of that sector", said Mr. Béatse who, as Angers mayor, is now due to find a larger facility for the reinforced Angers Inao's team.

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