27 July, 2013

Palma and Angers cities "assault" their inner fortresses

Every city, which has an historical monument within its limits, is trying to enlive it in order to attract tourists. That is the common situation of Angers Palma de Mallorca where castles are part of the urban landscapes. In the Spanish city, the San Carlos fortress is located on a hill at the entrance of the first Palma harbour. Free from military use since years, the monument built in the XVIth century has recently opened its doors to private business.

In Palma (as in Angers castle), visitors can now take a drink inside the walls which also shelter museums partly dedicated to the Napoleonian occupation of Spain during the beginning of the XIXth century. In the San Carlos, the most highest part of the fortress may be rent for private or professionnals meetings and guests or customers may enjoy the most privilegied view around the city and its bay.

If in Angers, a restaurant has opened inside the castle, it is, until now, impossible to organize events in the most valuable places of the monument. The terrace of its highest tower which dominates the Maine and its rivers (once redevelopped) or the walk where, formerly, soldiers monitored the arrival of possible ennemies or boats, are only accessible for visitors. And the giant hall above the cliff is, since decades, in ruins.

The Angers city council got from the French state free access to the castle for Angers inhabitants (the access is also free in the San Carlos) what is a first step. The next move for Angers city would consist in getting from French state more varied uses ot its castle.
But in France, administration is also a fortress.

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