19 July, 2013

Touch down in Palma from Angers

Angers has experienced for the first time a direct connection to Palma de Mallorca. The line, run by Air Nostrum, a subsidiary of Iberia, the Spanish national company, is working from July 11th until August 22nd. Stayings including flight and hotel are for sale from € 300 approximatively. But what the Angers travellers will discover after a 90 mn flight? First an airport which, in size, has few similarities with Angers Marcé.

Also known as Son Sant Joan Airport, the Palma airoport is the third largest in Spain after those of Madrid and Barcelona. It is during the summer months that the facility is the most busy : more than 22 millions passengers used it in 2011, most of them came or moved to Spain mainland and Germany.

Credit Pictures : Wikipedia
The first impression of an Angers traveller is the heat which dominates the island. If the capital of Anjou is facing the highest temperatures of the year, such levels are common in Mallorca. The climate of that island is Mediterranean with mild and stormy winters and bright and hot summers. That is "higly" visible from planes in approach to Palma. The mountainous relief which embraces first the view of passengers leaves room to burnt landscapes. The green aspects of Anjou
fields are already far.

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