29 March, 2014

The former Angers born partner of the French president moves from an affair to a business

La ville d'Angers pourrait à nouveau faire parler d'elle dans quelques mois à la faveur d'un livre que l'ex-première dame de France pourrait écrire. Valérie Trierweiler a en effet été sollicitée par l'éditeur Albin Michel pour raconter sa vie à l'Elysée et les conditions dans lesquelles celle-ci a pris fin. La maison d'édition espère qu'elle réalisera des ventes massives en quelques heures.

Angers could be one of the backgrounds of a book dedicated to the presidency of François Hollande through the eyes of his former companion, Valérie Trierweiler. According to the daily Le Figaro, that one has met a weeks ago the publisher Albin Michel who suggested to Mrs Trierweiler to tell what has been her staying at the Elysée palace as, for about one year and a half, "First lady". According to the daily, the publisher, Mrs Trieweiler would earn about € 100 000.

One of the most important questions set by the project is the ability or the will of Valérie Trierweiler to describe her split with the French president."Is she ready to talk about the mediatic scandal?" triggered by the disclosure of François Hollande affair with the actress Julie Gayet?  "Is she ready to talk about her last moments of her common life" with the head of the French state? The content of the book could change the amount of money her author would get.

But for Albin Michel, the selling policy would not be the same. The description of the shock Mrs Trierweiler has suffered would led the publisher to organize a huge promotion about the book and to sell "hundreds of thousands of copies within a few hours" in order to avoid all "industrial venture". It is not said if the former partner of François Hollande will dedicate a lot of pages to Angers and to her vision of the city.

Will the work get a success in Mrs Trierweiler native city where she came back several times alone, and at least one time with her (former) companion in her family home in the Monplaisir District? It depends maybe of the outcome of the municipal elections because one do not share a common life with a president without sharing a bit of his political opinions.

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