22 March, 2014

Gare + starts to emerge

Le quartier Gare + commence à sortir de terre. Après un parking, c'est maintenant un premier immeuble de bureaux dont la construction va commencer dans les semaines à venir. Elle est la première d'un ensemble immobilier comprenant quatre unités, dont un hôtel, dénommé Quatuor 3. Mais celui-ci ne sera que l'un des éléments de ce nouveau quartier d'affaires sur lequel Angers fonde beaucoup d'espoirs, et notamment sur le plan de l'emploi.

The new Angers district Gare + springs up. After a new parking lot Saint-Laud 2, an office building "Linéo" and a small apartment building "Versant Sud", a new construction will emerge from the soil from the second trimester of 2014. That one, the first of a series of three, is part of the programme Quatuor 3 and will shelter offices on a surface of 5 000 square meters. The entrances, the bases and the parking lots of those buildings will be ultimately concealed under a vegetable cover.

The works have been awarded to the Giboire Group which is due to go on with the construction of three other buildings and, among them, a three stars hotel of 100 rooms. As a whole, Quatuor 3 will host 20 000 square meters of offices. But it is only a part of Gare + which will total 70 000 square meters and, Angers city hopes it, 2 500 or 3 000 jobs. The field for the Giboire project has been sold on March 20 by Angers city and Angers Agglomération.

For the Angers authorities, Gare + is designed as an asset in "the competition between territories" in which "the capacity to be distinguishable and to seduce is primordial". The new district is accessible from Paris after a 90 mn railway route. So, the Angers representatives have interest to lobby in favour of the construction of a entirely high speed route between Paris and Angers which would shorten the time of the travel and would enhance the attractiveness of the city.

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