11 March, 2014

An Instant bagel on Saint-Laud street

La rue Saint-Laud, l'une des plus fréquentées et l'une des plus typiques d'Angers, continue d'attirer de nouvelles enseignes. Un "Instant bagel", situé à proximité de la rue Plantagenet, vient d'ouvrir ses portes. Le consommateur angevin va découvrir un nouveau produit. 

A new store and, through it, a new product, have just appeared in Angers, "L'instant bagel". Located on Saint-Laud street, the shop was opened on March 8th by Raphaël and Naïma Le Lubois, both of them restaurateurs since 1994. The bagel is far from to be unknown in English speaking countries, especially United States even if, details Mrs. Le Lubois, "its origins are rather in the Eastern European countries". For the customers, the recipe is simple.

Five kinds of different breads "all cooked in bakeries", most of them salted (but some of them can also be sugared), are the basis of the bagel what the buyers can match with several side dishes, "the whole being toasted then assembled in front of him". Easy to be eaten, the product gave its name to the store. "We bet about the practical and the speed of a bagel consumption", adds Mrs. Le Lubois' husband, Raphaël.

"L'intant bagel", which comes after a former flower shop, will be widened with a terrace equipped with heating devices, as many other bars and cafes of the Saint-Laud street. "We felt in love with the place", reminds Naïma Le Lubois who was convinced, seeing the inside of the store, with its tuffeau and slates stones, that the location will be suited to its new business.

"This is not the first time we change of restauration model", she says, sure that the bagels will be the delights of customers, whatever be their age, who go in front of the store all day long. The store, opened from Monday to Saturday included, will also fit its menus with the change of the seasons. Another "Instant bagel" in another place of Angers is even planned. The "Instant" doesn't waste time.

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