14 March, 2014

Angers more attracted by "sex" than "elections"

Si Angers se distingue dans nombre de hit-parades nationaux en termes de qualité de vie, d'espaces verts ou de gestion, un autre classement place fait valoir qu'à Angers, les internautes angevins ne sont pas, si l'on en croit leurs requêtes sur le net, si prudes qu'ils en ont l'air. Selon d'autres analyses de ces mêmes requêtes internet, leur intérêt pour le Sco supplante de très loin celui pour les municipales où tous les candidats sont battus par Pharell Williams. 

According to surveys about what are the words most searched by Angevins internet users, it seems that "sex" is more attractive issue than elections. Thanks to the Google Trends tool, the Ne rien louper website recently ranked the French cities where requests containing the word "sex" were the most frequent. In 2013, the French cities where "sex" was looked for (on the web) were, most of them, located in the Western part of France and Angers is the 7th.

There is nothing similar with the electoral issue. Another survey, always carried out with Google Trends along 2013, demonstrates that the interest of Angers inhabitants for the municipal elections was much less important than their passion for Angers Sco. The Google Trends analyse shows that, last year, the electoral event had not caused wide interest in comparison with the attention Angers interner users saved for their soccer club currently qualified in the quater-finals of the France cup. Another lesson coming from Google Trends is Christophe Béchu' activities are more followed by Pays de la Loire internet users than those of Frédéric Béatse and Jean-Luc Rotureau.

But all of them are largely overtaken by the lip dub of Pharell Williams "Happy Angers" which could reach about 700 000 views. In order to get audience, Angers candidates know what to do...

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