25 March, 2014

A busy week for the finalists of Angers municipal election

La semaine de l'entre-deux tours sera pleinement exploitée par les deux candidats en lice, Frédéric Béatse et Christophe Béchu. Le premier entend tirer parti du ralliement officieux de Jean-Luc Rotureau, le candidat dissident de la gauche dont les votes, additionnés au sien, donnent à celle-ci la tête du 1er tour. Christophe Béchu entend au contraire accélérer la dynamique qui l'a placé en tête des candidats au premier tour. Chaque finaliste tiendra un meeting et deux face-à-face télévisés sont programmés. 

The two finalists of the second round in Angers municipal elections, Frédéric Béatse and Christophe Béchu, have filed their list in the Maine et Loire prefecture. That formality is not for sure the most difficult of the pending tasks of the week. More than ever, they are focused on the last rallying. For the outgoing mayor and his running mates, the week will be dedicated to "the big challenge of the second round". A meeting is planned on March 25th at 8 pm in the Greniers Saint-Jean : "We rely on you [that day] and for the last days of the campaign", says Mr. Béatse. His challenger will himself speak in a rally two days later at the congress centre. "The campaign is going on in the field with all the running mates and supporters of Angers pour vous", writes Christophe Béchu.

The adversaries will also have opportunities to debate about their programmes. A first face to face will take place on March 26th at 3 pm broadcasted live from Le Chabada. And a second one is set the following day at 3.30 pm from the forum of the Angers theatre Le quai. The show will be broadcasted in pre-recorded that day at 11.10 pm. Mr Béchu should probably point out the dynamique of the first round which gave him about 36% of the votes and emphasize the "historically low score of the outgoing mayor" a result which expresses "a will for change". Frédéric Béatse should in return recall all the distinctions his management of his city received from national observers and the fact that after the previous round in Angers, through his score (26,77%) and the one of Jean-Luc Rotureau (16,21%), the left has the majority (42,98%).

None of the candidate will, officially, get the votes of the Front national supporters whose leader, Gaétan Dirand, criticized Mr. Béchu for his refusal to talk with him and urge the sympathizers of his party not to vote for Mr. Béatse. And according to some twits sent by Laurent Gérault on March 25th, "the machine to lose" is, for the right, engaged in Angers.

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