06 March, 2014

Christophe Béchu denies all "personal enrichment" after communication services from his wife's company

Le leader d'Angers pour vous, Christophe Béchu, a affirmé que les prestations effectuées par la société de communication dirigée par sa femme lors de ses campagnes électorales de 2008 à 2010, étaient "légales" et n'ont donné lieu à "aucun enrichissement personnel".  Cette affaire est intervenue à 48 heures du second débat public entre les candidats à la mairie d'Angers.

Christophe Béchu, leader of the Angers pour vous list in competition for the city council, confirmed in Le Courrier de l'Ouest that he "made appeal to Peptine" for the communications works upon his candidacies to municipal, european and regional elections between 2008 and 2010. But Mr. Béchu denied that the deals granted to Peptine conseil, the communication company managed by his wife, has led to the least "personal enrichment" what he was blamed by "Je vois (presque) tout", an anonymous blog. "We decided to call in Peptine, by ensuring, that it was legal, regular and possible". Christophe Béchu, who has filed a complaint against the author of the blog, critized the amalgam between "expenses paid for services to a company by passing them for personal enrichment".

Marie-Hortense Béchu, his wife and manager of Peptine, pointed out that her company did'nt compete for bids coming from territorial authorities. "We are a very little business. We go out of our way and we have difficulties making ends meet at the end of the month", she said. The turnover of Peptine, € 369 000, and its profit, € 8 000, "make me the lowest paid of the employees and I am able not to be paid at all for several months" said Mrs. Béchu.

According to the news, the amount of the deals Peptine Conseil got for its communication services during the three campaign total up to € 160 000. On his front page, "muni", the nick name of the author of the blog, indicates that his former employer was "municipales-angers" and that he (or she) lives in Angers. The second of the two public debates of the municipal elections will take place on March 7th.

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