07 March, 2014

Second debate : the candidates stays in their own marks

Au cours du débat organisé par France 3 et Ouest-France entre quatre des neuf candidats à la mairie d'Angers, les candidats sont restés dans leurs visions respectives. Un consensus se dégage sur la nécessité d'intégrer les effets de la crise économique sur les finances de la ville et le pouvoir d'achat des Angevins. La principale passe d'armes s'est produite entre Christophe Béchu et un journaliste. 

The debate between four of the nine candidates to Angers mayor office allowed to Frédéric Béatse, Christophe Béchu, Laurent Gérault and Jean-Luc Rotureau to stand firm on their respectives lanes before the second round of municipal elections. The late one, Mr. Rotureau, avoided carefully to unveil what he could do he was third after the first round, an hypothesis more than likely. "I have respect for the members of my list. We will see on March 23rd", he said leaving Frédéric Béatse, his left challenger short on explanations.

The debate also dedicated a while to the accusations expressed, anonymously by a blog against Christophe Béchu. "Is it normal for the president of a Conseil général to make work the company of his wife?" asked one journalist what led the conservative candidate, blamed for the deals given to his wife's communication agency during electoral campaign (and not by the Maine-et-Loire authority) to reply "I will not let anybody to divert me from the electoral campaign the Angevins are entitled to".

On the economic and facilities issues, a consensus appears regarding the policy the town has to follow while
its financial resources will be under pressure because of the economic crisis. All the candidates promise they will not raise taxes. The main difference is related to the New banks of Maine scheme all the candidates want to lower and to stage on a larger period except the outgoing mayor who considers the idea as a leverage for a better attractiveness of the city. Mr. Béatse found regrettable "the lack of ambition" and warned "If we do not invest, we are dead". Another field of opposition was related to the ways it is possible to develop Angers influence in Western France.

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