12 March, 2014

Place au vélo rings Angers agglomeration city council candidates

L'association des usagers du vélo à Angers, Place au Vélo, a écrit aux principales listes faisant campagne pour les élections municipales et leur demande de prendre position sur quelques points essentiels relatifs aux conditions actuelles d'usage de la bicyclette et à la place que celle-ci aura une fois qu'ils auront été élus. Un petit coup de sonnette n'est pas inutile. 

Credit pictures : Place au vélo
Place au vélo, an associa-tion of bikers supporting the use and promotion of bicycle as mean of transpor-tation in town, has disclosed a letter it sent on February 5th to "the main lists to municipal elections" in order to lead them to take a stance on four points "essentials to ensure an harmonious development of travels inside the Angers agglomeration". "Are you ready to reduce the place of cars on town public domain... in traffic as much as parking", ask the co-presidents of the bikers community, Roselyne Picorit and Frédéric Guimier. According to those supporters, it is a matter of urgency "to solve pollution and traffic problems" in Angers.

The Place au vélo representatives also claim about the conditions of current cyclable lanes they consider as very incomplete" between Angers and the surroundings towns and villages. They also suggest that the number and the design of those ways will have to be considered because the development of electric bicycle use makes people able to do longer travels. They add it is the responsability of those neighbouring towns and villages to tackle the problem given they are "directly implicated in the flood of car towards Angers". According to Place au vélo, the improvement of the current facilities for bikers would surely increase the number of persons using a bike.

Credit picture Angers Loire Métropole
The association also sets date for the future, after the end of the current electoral campaign and wants to know who will be, in every team, the person in charge of the interest of cyclists and what will be the policy each team will support at Angers agglomeration regarding movings. According to Place au vélo, while all candidates to Angers and surrounding city councils make commitments in front of the voters, they can also do the same regarding voters who vote with their calves.

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