22 August, 2013

English on the tracks in the second tramway line is something the city should think about

Several French cities are experimenting the use of regional languages in their public transport networks. In Ajaccio, Strasbourg, Rennes or Toulouse, the travellers are informed about the progress of their trip both in French and in a regional language. But a lot of French cities, and among them Angers, do not have a regional language or, at best, speak French with a regional accent.

So the Angers public transport network, and especially, the tramway, should take advantage of that situation to introduce a foreign language to inform travellers. English would be appropriate because the city host thousands of students, hundreds coming from foreign countries, because it is good for brains to work in two languages, and because that would make Angers Loire Valley closer to its new English sounding communication.

The success of English training in Angers institutes or associations, but also in private training centres, as well as the number of ads, names of stores, or recently the recruitment of girls for a pom pom girls group, illutrate the interest of Angers people for English speaking countries culture. So why the second Angers tramway line planned for 2020 would not give announces in English?

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