16 August, 2013

Malian presidential elections may revive Angers and Bamako cooperation

The fact presidential elections have finally took place in Mali and given to the country a new president, is something favourable to the continuation of cooperation between Angers and Bamako, the capital of this Western African country. Because of the turmoil that state faced during the last months, mainly due to islamist rebels in the Norhtern part of the country, the cooperation had been interrupted for a year.

That one resumed since the end of the internal revolt in Mali, Angers and Bamako being able to organize the staying in the capital of Anjou of 14 young Bamako inhabitants aged from 18 to 30. Hosted by Angers families during three weeks, they took benefit of visits of some Angers facilities like the universitarian hospital centre and had activities in some city districts.

Credit : Angers city
The next step is the departure, in 2014, of some young Angevins, to Bamako. That gives time to Angers and Bamako responsibles to look for fields of cooperation. Angers, which has worked for years about the topic of involving inhabitants in city's life, could transmit its own experience to its African counterpart if that could help democracy to settle for good now and govern the Malian capital and, from there, the country.

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