14 August, 2013

Tempo Rives, a good note for Angers

Tempo Rives, a musical event due to Angers city and which takes place on the Maine bank with the Angers castle in the background, is, year after year, becoming a "launch pad" for young bands, some of them local. If, with Tempo Rives, the town has found a way to promote its support to art through the last musical styles, the festival looks to be an appropriate manner to open the city to foreign cultures.

Credit picture : Angers city
But the main characteristic of the event is, with the year, that the new bands which emerged have all choose an English sounding name what does not worry the city. Since 2009, the bands which have been launched are "Tumy & The Volume", "The Spasm Band", "The Narcycist" and "Blitz The Ambassador". The 2013 edition of Tempo Rives host (among others) "Joe & The Winger Accident", "Birth of Joy", "Warsaw Village Band", "Fire Water" and "The Lemon Queen", that last "made in" Angers, as "Pony Pony Run Run".

Around 20 000 people were waited to the nocturnal shows of Tempo Rives between mid-July until August 20th. Of course the Angers event has not the fame of the "West by Northwest festival" the twinned US city, Austin, hosts every year. But music is surely an appropriate bridge to get Angers best known from abroad.

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