20 August, 2013

Blog busters!

Frédéric Béatse's blog, after a cyber attack on mid-August, is said, by his owner, Mr Béatse himself, free from any disturbances. Launched in 2012, the blog gives infomations on the activity of Mr Béatse as Angers mayor throughout the city and so, on some of the topics he has in mind. During the last weeks before the summer vacations, the policies regarding some aspects of the development of the town were clearly on his recent agenda.

One of the latest news is dedicated to the new electronic campus Loire Electronic Valley which aims to join the resources of public authorities, companies and higher education  to boost that sector. If the issue has been widely reported by local medias, perhaps it is not the case about a meeting mentioned by the blog between Frédéric Béatse and the prime minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, which took place in July regarding "the strategic stakes for Angers development".

The details about that appointment are quite scarce in Mr Béatse's blog and, maybe, will be given later. "The main development schemes" have been discussed and the Angers mayor talked to the prime minister "economy and jobs" what may predict that some initiatives could be introduced by the mayor in the months to come.

It was recently written in the medias that former president Mitterand would have said that the swing of Angers from right to left would predict his own election at the top of the state. Angers is presently on the left, so Mr Ayrault has, maybe, carefully thought about the national consequences of an Angers change from left to right...

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