09 August, 2013

The opening of Angers stores on Sundays all year long is the goal of But

The debate was far to be closed and was due to surface soon or later because facts are obstinate. Because the timetable of Angers inhabitants has changed, because it is more difficult for stores to balance their management, the topic of the opening of stores on Sundays is back. And, this time, not only for the Sundays before Christmas and New Year day but about every Sunday!

That was the operating manager of a furnitures store of L'Atoll, the commercial park the Angers city is proud, said to the daily Ouest France. "We wish to be able, eventually, to open on Sundays all year long", explains Olivier Philippe who manages But, a French superstore chain and who is not afraid to put the foot in it because its is necsssary "to make things going on".

But the result is also far to be got even if the Angers mayor had, a few months ago in front of local managers, said that he was not dogmatic about that point. All the Angers trade unions are against the opening on Sundays, as well as many mayors of cities members of Angers Loire Métropole. But their reasons are unclear. All say that Angers inhabitants do not have the purchasing power to go for shopping on Sundays. So, if that is true, Angers stores should have to close on Saturdays in order to give to inhabitants a supplementary revenue. 

On the eve of the electoral campaign, and with the dissatisfaction of Angers store owners in the background, the topic will surely be part of the public debate between political contenders until April 2014.

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