25 August, 2013

Back to "NG"

How it looks like to be back in Angers after 6 years abroad? Jessica, a young US editor for a website dedicated to fashion, and Aï, a Japanese air hostess, studied French in the "Catho" during several months in 2007. The fluency they got in that language has maybe weakened but their understanding is almost the same. After their arrival at Angers Saint-Laud station, their former host family drove them to André Leroy square where the buildings where they studied looked unchanged.

The stability of the shapes and the atmosphere of Angers is their main feeling but "This is good for us because that sends us back in our student life. And the pace things change depends on the place you are. In some Japanese or US cities, evolution is rather slow or fast". Regarding Angers, the most dramatic change is the trolley which has completely redesigned the Foch boulevard and whose colours are rather appreciated by the two youg women. They tought Ralliement square looked especially enlived by the vegetable settings.

But the mood was judged quiet in the streets of the city that Sunday. And even a little bit sad because of the quite numerous panels "closure" on stores front sides and some pedestrians grumbling against the Sunday closing. After a quick incursion in the streets around, it is time for return to the railway station. The impossibility to park close to the hall made the women had to run to be on time for the train. Angers does not know how to keep its former inhabitants.

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