07 August, 2013

Angers, still too shy in English communication towards tourists

Since several weeks, a leaflet published by the Angers Tourism Bureau is available for visitors wishing to discover the city from "another way". That mention indicates that the booklet has also been designed for Angers inhabitants who can't, and they could be more and more numerous, to go away for holidays. If that purpose is laudable, the town office apparently didn't published all these useful informations in English version while it has noticed that the number of English speaking visitors is increasing.

That would not be difficult. If some sentences ("Angers by night" or "Welcome") are clearly understandable by foreign people, maybe the sponsors of the leaflet should have dedicated at least one page of their work to tourists coming in Angers from abroad. So in the "visites de bienvenue" page, it is indicated (in French) "Visites possibles en anglais sur demande" (visits are possible in English upon request" while a bowler hat and a beret are printed side by side.

Credit Pictures : Angers Loire Tourism
It should be appropriate for Angers to draw conclusions from its new English sounding brand "Angers Loire Valley" designed to enlarge the spotting of Angers city by foreign people. The association Angers greeters has gone for it. Its website uses more English words while greeters are Angers inhabitants. An Angers booklet about summer events and animations next year would be greet, sorry : great.

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