26 December, 2010

The winter will test from today the Angers inhabitants Christmas solidarity resolutions

Santa Claus hasn't only brought animations in Angers city. The next gift is... the cold. On december 26th, the temperature will drop to 6° Celcius under zero (21° Farenheit) and will only rise to 1° Celcius (33° Farenheit) on the afternoon, according to Météo France. Consecutively the prefecture of Maine-et-Loire activated the big cold program designed to protect the most vulnerable person against the risks of an exposure to harsh weather.

The state decision will ensure that the homeless will find a shelter. The risk is real. Regularly, men die in the streets or in squats of Angers during the winter. Two phone numbers are available to inhabitants of Angers who could meet person endangered by the cold. After the Christmas period which promotes solidarity with the most weak persons the prefecture urges Angers inhabitants to be watchful and to report to phone numbers 115  or 15 (in case of emergency involving medical assistance) such risky situations.

After a light reprieve, the temperatures should drop again on the beginning of 2011. This is not the worse weather conditions Angers had experimented : in 1964, the meteorological station of Beaucouzé recorded -13,4° Celcius (7,8° Farenheit)!

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