11 December, 2010

The Angers department of an US university could register 400 students, a third American, in 2011

Credit Pictures : St. Edward's University
Angers, through the Western Catholic University, and the Maine-et-Loire, through the Bois-Robert Institute (the village of Bécon-les-Granits, west of Angers) welcome, since 2008, the french deparment of the american St. Edward's University established more than a century ago by Father Edward Sorin, of the Congregation of Holy Cross, which was founded in Western France.

Located Merlet de La Boulay street, St Edward's University could gather 250 to 300 students in 2011 in its Angers department and a third could be american students.  The educationnal programs should be dedicated, during a first step, to international business seminars and Apple Pro Application courses. St. Edward's University is twinned with the Bois-Robert Institute to offer a program for European students wishing to study at  St. Edward's in Austin (Texas,) to earn a bachelor's degree.

For St. Edwards, "Western France is an attractive, vibrant region and Angers is a central location convenient to many other French and European cities. Additionally, developing educational programs in Western France represents a “return to our French roots“".

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