14 December, 2010

The next local taxe increase already swallowed by some Angers inhabitants

If civism is a quality among citizens, an excess of civism could not deserve the same qualification. After a wise communication about the difficulties for Angers Loire Metropole to balance its budget, press and now press readers presented on december 12th the increase of local taxes in 2011 as something unavoidable.

For the reader, the transfer, from national state to local authorities of new tasks, particularly in the social area, is the origin of the present financial tensions. If that is worsening the local finances, the deficit has also local origins : the project of the authority to launch an ambitious housing scheme till 2012 with more than 2 500 homes in average per year, the cost of the first streetcar line which largely exceeded the planned amount and the duty of Angers Loire Metropole to refund the private local companies the local business taxe because its rate was illegal.

If the costly inauguration project of the streetcar had recently been withdraw by the mayor, readers of local press, whose some of them will have foot the bill, consider regrettably that the politicians have no way but to increase the taxes. Meanwhile a way has not been sufficiently worked out : the reduction of current expenses. The increase of taxes to fill a financial deficit only solve the result of the disease, not its origin. It's time cor local (as well as national) politicians to work on it.

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