15 December, 2010

The Arthurs' classes on stage

Credit pictures : Les Arthurs
The Arthurs, a theatre company, presented, on december 14th, the first results of its beginners course, organized every year, in front an audience of relatives and friends. Fourteen scenes excerpts from masterworks of Shakespeare, Molière, Sartre, Goldoni, some extracted from dramas ("Phèdre", "Huis clos") others from vaudeville ("La puce à l'oreille" or "Un fil à la patte"), some in alexandrines, others in prose, distracted the public a couple of hours in the little theatre of the company, located in David d'Angers street.

The students, all amateurs, mostly women, of different ages, began their classes on october and, after only two months, have already the ability to overcome stress and stage fright even if, from time to time, knowledge-gaps are visible. If the scenes presented variable degrees in difficulty, the lengh of the dialogues and the expressiveness they require, the trainee actors will continue in january their discovery of that art and will be confronted to new challenges.

"The goal is to give to everybody the resource to be sensitive with theatre, to gain self-confidence and of course to be at ease on a stage, with a text, a staging and the feelings we want to express", says the Arthurs who, presently, perform "Des cailloux plein les poches" at the Chanzy theatre.

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