04 December, 2010

The Angers real estate market of new homes is rising

The area of the former Desjardins garrison house
According to some banks of Angers city, 2010 could be a very good year in the distribution of credit, especially in real estate credit. Several surveys aout the interest rates show that these a decreasing towards 3,2%, a trough never recorded in France since the 2nd world war.

The Capucins plateau
That could be an explanation to the surge of constructions (and of the prices yet described in this blog) all over the city. On december 2nd, the Bouygues group announced it plans of new buildings in down town (Boisnet street and in the Saint-Serge district) but it had yet others projects underway. Several national companies are constructing buildings : Nexity or Bouwfonds Marignan. The local companies are involved in this movement (Maisons Castors d'Anjou, Alain Rousseau Comine). Regarding the prices, they are not under 150 000 euros for a small flat.

Credit pictures Angers city
Angers and the surroundings cities are encouraging the trend : the plan to build more than 2 500 homes per year during ten years. The real estate professionnal are afraid of such a rise. They notice some difficulties to rent the properties and many authorities in social housing point out a developpment of the vacancy.

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