19 December, 2010

Angers streetcar line : it's now the turn of the stops

Station installation in cold, rain and darkness
The line of Angers street car is, step by step, taking its permanent aspect. After the railtracks have been covered by cobblestones, schist or lawn and brigthed up with boxes and bowers, it is time now for the equipment of the stations. During the night of december 19th, two teams of the JCDecaux company started to fit the elements of the 25 stops of line A linking Avrillé city to the La Roseraie disctrict of Angers.

Credit picture : Wikipedia
Unloaded from three lorries, metallic structures of the future shelters and roofs made of glass were carefully put together by teams of three persons each. The task was not easy because of the cold weather, the rain and the obscurity, even if the technicians wore little miners'lamp necessary to screw the elements at the Foch-Haras stop. The benches could come later because the stations have not to shelter the public before the opening of the line on at the end of next june.

Glass roof at Foch Haras station
About 35 000 passengers will daily use the streetcar which will run from 5.30 am to 0.30 am. The medium waiting time between two trains will not exceed 6 mn in rush hours. Recently the works were finally completed in Létanduère street and in downtown Avrillé, two places where inhabitants will have hardly withstood the lengh of the works. The train could go through Angers on next week for its tests.
Credit Picture : Angers Townhall

Townhall has already planned a advertising campaign about new rules for a harmonious coexistence between pedestrians, bikers, drivers and streetcar along the line.

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