05 December, 2010

The Ralliement square, Angers city heart, returns to life

After a two years break because of the construction of the trolley line, the Ralliement square finds again a purpose faithful with its name : the gathering of the people around a celebration. Christmas is the first, but the next editions of the Accroche-coeurs and the Music Day could take place there later.
Disembowelled in order to modernize the parking lot, the Ralliement square looked a long time like a storage area with construction equipment and materials. Encircled by wirefences, enlighted by skeletal pylons on night, the Ralliement square had an ugly face and was nothing more than a crater of smoke, noise and dust. Pratically inaccessible, the stores should have experienced a severe lost of revenues during these two years and, according to business circles, it is quite miraculous they are still alive.

The end of the construction work brought extension or creation of restaurants and probably other changes in the La Röe street. On the first saturday of december, Christmas tree (fixed on a unsightly block of concrete), merry-go-round, wooden small houses, tinsels and music attracted the Angers inhabitants as if they wanted merrily to take possession of their common property and to feel the heartbeat of their city.

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