23 December, 2010

Angers city under snow

 In the end of afternoon of december 22nd, snow started to fall on Angers city. What, at first glance, looked rain was rather snow. A real snow, with flakes, instead of the endless rain the town received during the last days. In less than 90 mn, the streets, squares and gardens of Angers were covered by 2 cm of snow, twirling graciously in the wind.

Rapidly, the traffic became more difficult for pedestrians as well as drivers because of the slipping streets and the bad visibility inside and outside the cars. At 7.30 pm, the Alsace street was almost deserted and most of the wooden huts were closed. Only Ralliement square had a carnival atmosphere with the enlighted merry-go-round and young people rallying the first snow ball fights. In the slopped and cobblestoned David d'Angers street, some shop owners decided to salt the surface while in the Mall gardens, the cone-shaped yews were similar to the miniature tres which decorates the Christmas crib.

Météo France forecasted the continuation of the snowy falls during the following night and temperatures were predicted to decrease between zero and two degrees. On thursday, the meteorologic conditions would stay the same. The traffic should, therefore, be very slowed on the next morning. According to Angers inhabitants, the last comparable snow goes back to 2005. If, officialy, people complain about the desadvantages of snow, many of them could appreciate the cachet snow bring to Christmas. It's like a unexpected Christmas gift.

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