22 December, 2010

A newspaper messenger slams the door because of its labor conditions

 Some of the readers of a Western daily newspaper distributed in Angers city received, with their edition of december 21st, a letter in which their messenger explains why he decided to resign earlier than he had planned. His decision is due to his labor conditions which would have badly evolved recently. The schedules of his (former) job are its main caracteristics : the work starts between 4.30 am and finishes at about 8.30 am. If everything is going right. But that was not the case recently.

"Last saturday, I have waited the lorry (of a private routing and mailing company) for two hours under the snow and the temperature was -5°. During the waiting time, we are not paid. Having no information from the company (I refuse to buy a mobile phone for the purpose of my job), I came back home at 6.30 am", complains the messenger. This one, in his letter, criticize the behaviour of the customers who phoned to his home in order to get some explanations (but he had given them his adress and phone number) "instead of calling the newspaper which is responsible in case of delay or absence of delivery".

After a 8 years of early get up, the messenger slams the door visibly angry against the newspaper. That local media, swift to condemn the injustices of working life and to criticize the social inequalities against salaried employees, should be well inspired to put one's own house in order first!

ps. Nobody replaced the retired messenger...

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