05 July, 2014

The French soccer players' wives didn't won the courtesy cup

La défaite de l'équipe de France face à l'Allemagne a laissé des bleus dans l'âme de leurs supporters. Pour deux Angevins qui avaient fait le voyage au Brésil, en même temps que les épouses des joueurs français, la déception n'a pas été que sportive...

Peter and Francis were, as supporters of the France soccer team, disappointed after that one was defeated by Germany in quarter final. But they have been even sadder after the travel they did from Paris to Rio de Janeiro, with the wives of the French players. During the 12 hours trip from Paris to the Brasilian city, they were sat in the plane near the players'wives and these never spoke to them.

The wives of the French players had been invited to Brasil by the Fédération française de football to support their husbands were not eager to talk with other supporters who meanwhile paid their own trip. "Those women remained therebetween and never paid us the slightest attention" remembers Peter who, as many other passengers, wore clothes clearly showing his interest for the success of the French team.

Credit pictures : Fédération française de football
Apparently, the Fff never gave those ladies instructions about their behaviour towards French supporters. It would have been appropriate to do so because apparently those persons were not aware that the fact they were invited also gave them a duty of courtesy regarding other French soccer team fans. Next time politeness will win. 

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