10 July, 2014

The Angers triathlon jumps in next July 19 and 20th

Angers accueille les 19 et 20 juillet prochains une série d'épreuves comptant pour les championnats de France de triathlon ainsi que plusieurs autres courses destinées aux béotiens et aux jeunes que cette discipline exigeante (nage, vélo et course à pied) veut séduire. La ville ne manque pas d'atouts pour faire plus que de la figuration. 

Year after year, Angers is becoming part of the French cities where national sport events are taking place. And year after year, the Maine, its banks and the surrounding streets and parks are the scene of those events. The next July 19 and 20th Angers triathlon will not break with those characteristics. Even if the trial will be dominated, for the fourth time, by the half-final of the French championship of 3rd division clubs, the organizers have planned a lot of run for pure amateurs.

Credit Picture : Angers city 
"Even more than the high level, we renew our commitment to host the largest number of events on our weekend. We hope that everyone will find his place", state Benjami Poggi and David Berrien for the triathlon section of the Asptt which organized the trials. Those will start at the embankment along the La Rochefoucauld square for the swimming part in the Maine. Back to the departure after that first trial (50 to 750 m depending on the category), the athletes will then ride bike (between 1 and 20 km) from there towards the bottom of the Saint Nicolas lake. From there, they will come back to La Rochefoucault to start the (third and last) running part of the triathlon (450 to 5,000 m). The trials dedicated to the youngest participants will all be monitored by adults.

A new trial has been planned : the Duathlon Duo Terra Botanica which has to be completed hand in hand. But the trial has not only a sport content. Selective sorting and carsharing are some of the reflexes the organizers want to promote among participants and public. A lot of sponsors have granted their support to the event. Every competitor has been ordered to come "with his best smile".

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