27 July, 2014

Statements considered as problematic heard from an Angers town councillor

Une manifestation en faveur de l'arrêt des bombardements israéliens sur les populations palestiniennes de la bande de Gaza a donné lieu de la part d'un participant, élu municipal, à des déclarations inattendues, diversement appréciées des associations organisatrices et juridiquement répréhensibles. 

After a lot of demonstrations of support to the Palestinian people settled in the Gaza territory took place in France, some of them having led to violent endings, the one of Angers, organized on July 26 in Ralliement square, was pacific but nevertheless gave rise to unexpected statements from an city council member. That one, member of the minority side of the municipal assembly, reacted to the Israël bombardments over Gaza in a way that triggered disapproving comments from various communities sponsoring the demonstration.

"If a person who is against bombardments of children is qualified as anti-Semitic, then yes, I am anti-Semitic and at ease with that", heard the Angers medias from him, otherwise holder of medical responsabilities at the Angers hospital. Some participants at the demonstration criticized him for his statements : "What you are saying doen't favour our cause", told him one of them. Later, that one gave to his statements explainations related to a French political trend which, apparently, have nothing to see with the current Israel conflict in Gaza (where the islamist resistance movement Hamas - until now - didn't respect Onu ceasefires) : "Since 20 years, I watch the settlement [in France] of a war machine shifting the cordon sanitaire from the National Front towards the Muslim population".

A few months ago [Adb, February 22n 2014 : "Municipal campaign : a religion shows its faith", the same person had defined is political identity on religious and ethnic grounds and, criticizing the conditions in which his coreligionists practised to their cult, pleaded for the erection of religious buildings in Angers districts. Recently the French prime minister, Manuel Valls, reminded (after the former France president Jacques Chirac) that "anti-Semitism was not an opinion, but an offense".

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