14 July, 2014

Opened stores on public holiday : no revolution in sight

En dépit d'une météo maussade, les animations du 14 juillet ont séduit le public. En revanche, rien n'était prévu pour attirer les clients.

In spite of an unfavourable weather, the events planned during the three days weekend of July 12th to 14th met their audience. A military parade kept going under rain and storm, but, thereafter, the public was rather scare around the bandshell of the Mail gardens. Later on Sunday night the final of the world soccer cup displayed on a giant screen near the Quai Theatre attracted hundreds of Angevins who were not afraid of the meteorological adversity. Then, the traditional fireworks was seen by numerous families.And finally, the first show of the Tempo rives festival pleased numerous audience members.

Credit picture : Angers city
Those initiatives demonstrate that the public comes forward when opportunities for family relaxation are offered. The scene was rather different in the city the following day, nevertheless much more propicious for walks in town. Every café or restaurant which was opened got consumers all day long, even if the surroundings were rather depressed because of the closing of all stores.

A three day break is an opportunity for people to have a longer end of week. Given that, more and more, French people have to shorten their travels, it should be important for a city like Angers to take advantage of such periods by allowing all the store owners and their employees who would like to work to do so. The French president, François Hollande, reminded during his televised debate that, in that matter of the opening of stores during Sundays and public holidays, the mayors were the decision makers. In order to make Angers more attractive to inhabitants and tourists, those should implement the famous sentence of Danton, a French revolutionary character : "We must dare, and dare again and go on daring".

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