24 July, 2014

The Angers economy on the verge of collapse

L'activité du tribunal de commerce d'Angers laisse entrevoir que la situation économique locale est catastrophique et même proche de l'effondrement. Cette juridiction pourrait même devoir rester active en août tant les dossiers sont nombreux.

The situation of Maine-et-Loire companies which come to the Angers commercial court is disastrous. Things are "so serious that we can only liquidate them right from the beginning", laments Hervé Tréhard, the president of that jurisdiction. Mr. Tréhard notices an increase by 13% of the liquidations during the first semester of 2014 (236) vs. the first semester of the previous year (209) and ads that in 2013, "it was already catastrophic".

According to the magistrate, "The French economy is collapsing. I never saw [such a number of  receiverships] in July. This is phenomenal", warns the president who plans to open the commercial court in August while, ordinarily, that one is closed. And for a single morning, 53 cases were examined.

Credit Angers Loire Développement
The context is especially difficult in the contruction industry : "We attend a collapsing", saus very seriously Mr. Tréhard. Numerous housing schemes do not spring up or can't be sold. The turnover of that sector would decrease by more than 30% what doesn't predict a favourable future for employment. As a symbol, a local company whose workforce is beyond 200 persons would be close to liquidation. In the retail trade sector, things are not better.  Numerous stores have been liquidated : "There is a general drop of consumption".

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