19 July, 2014

The Angers tea time

Boisson culte de la culture anglophone, le thé pourrait peut être dorénavant évoquer l'Anjou et Angers où Lagosta, une jeune entreprise d'assemblage de ces feuilles se réclame de cette double filiation.

Credit Picture : Lagosta
The English national beverage, tea, is now associated with Anjou. Lagosta is an Anjou tea brand which combines the history of Anjou and the symbol of the British way of life. The founder of the brand, Laurent Maupoint, offers several families of tea whose names are directly connected to the culture of the United Kingdom. One of those is rooted in the Plantagenêt dynasty which was the first reigning family in England. Nine famous Plantagenêt characters, William the conquer or Richard the Lionheart, have their names used for teas.

But, the filiation of Lagosta with English symbols, is mostly visible through... the tea family called "Sacrés Français" whose the Lagosta (French) website describes (in English) as "so hype, so cute, so Frenchy"! Another category ("Le grand bazar") includes itself numerous teas sounding English : Catfish Tea Room, Little Monster Tea but also the Anjou Vélo Vintage, the name of the cycling event so popular among English speaking tourists. "Les classiques" part of the Lagosta collection has its unavoidable "English Breakfast".

"Tea tells stories", notices quite rightly Lagosta in a video posted on its website,"A Lagosta tea for two", in which sections extract from famous English speaking movies are displaying the universal beverage. But Lagosta has not completely forgotten its kinks with Anjou and Angers : one of its teas is titled "Orange Cointreau", but that one can be enjoyed without restraint.

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