26 December, 2012

Two Angers parks get the national reward EcoJardin

The meadow of Balzac park at spring (Credit Picture : Angers city)
Angers, a city attached to the care of nature, has recently received the label "EcoJardin" awarded by the association Plante et Cité, a national centre for landscape and urban horticulture whose headquaters is located in... Angers. The EcoJardin label rewards respectful practising for environment in the management of greens. Everything is carefully watched from the absence of phytosanitary products as well as the origins and components of uban furnitures till the consumption of gas for the maintenance of the parks.

If the head of the organization is Jean-Claude Antonini, the deputy-president is the mayor of Versailles, a city where the gardening art has known its zenith, and among the members are major towns like Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Paris and Rennes as well as several professionnal networks and private companies like Pierre&Vacances and Center Parcs. So the award is not only a compliment. 

If recently, Angers city had managed to extend the surfaces of the lawns in its cementaries,the EcoJardin label rewards the dedication of the town for living gardens : the Balzac park and the Saint-Nicolas park have been distinguished. And, according to the city website, thet are among the first in France. That acknowledgement is moreover a demonstration of Angers dedication of environment care. 

The only little regret may come from the fact that prize arrives when Angers gardens and parks are not at their best. That is especially true with the Balzac park which is annually flooded. Most of the Angers rivers are in rise. And, after the fall in level, the Balzac park needs time to recover.

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