27 December, 2012

Angers chats up "The French Lover" in England

England discovers presently an advertising campaign about tourism in the Pays de la Loire area, in which, Anjou and Angers are in good position. Under the adress "www.paysdelaloire.co.uk", English people may find ideas for a stay outside their country. But, for Anjou and Angers inhabitants, the way under which they are depicted could sometimes be a little bit disconcerting. 

One of the adverts involved the English targets to "become a French lover and win your holiday in the Pays de la Loire". But what is that French lover look like? If the man pictured on the panel has a likeness with Hugh Grant, the famous British actor, his get-up (kindly) depicts the men of Pays de la Loire as a little sure of themselves. While the beret is a not a common headgear in France, the "French lover" has one and, of course, the famous French stick. Moreover, it is not sure many French people eat frogs. 

Regarding Angers, the city with its "Charming architecture, refined cuisine, renowned vineyards, festivals and monuments, superb parks and gardens, surprises visitors with its wealth of heritage and the quality of its lifestyle"! And "For those preparing to tread the wine trails that surround the city, a visit to the Maison des vins d’Anjou is a good place to start your research", says the advert.

From an idea of Sébastien Lewis. 

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