04 December, 2012

Angers chalets and passer-by in the reflection of closed stores front sides

At the evening of the first Sunday of December, Angers inhabitants and others expressed, unconsciously but clearly, their interest for an enlived down town. The weather was gloomy and rainy but, nevertheless, hundreds of people and among them many families, were wandering in the streets where the only hustle and bustle came from the wooden mobile chalets set up there for Christmas. Very different items, some specific to the end of the year period, others available in neighbouring stores all year long, were to purchase, and were purchased.

But, why is the mobile pastry opened when the nearby bakery is closed? Why the temporary wooden hut is allowed to sell make-up products while Sephora, at a few meters from there, has its doors shut? Why are some other clothes stores out of business where, in the same place, the mobile chalets are selling gloves and scarves? Why would the Angers customers see their choices of stores restricted to the only mobile trade retailers instead of all other front sides?

 That situation looks questionnable because, on one side, Angers stores owners want to work and, on the other, Angers households want to do shopping! According to Angers Loire Métropole chairman, Jean-Claude Antonini, working days must be dedicated by people to rest. Is that authority in charge of saying that? And why are the employees of restaurants, cinemas, garden centres working while others have the right to rest? It has been said that the purchasing power of Angers inhabitants was not sufficient to make the stores running on Sundays. If that is true why were these people wandering in the street on Sundays?

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