03 December, 2012

Angers babies "Blakeground"

Angers city, thanks to the drawings of an English artist, has been quoted recently by the French daily newspaper Le Monde. "They are lucky, the newborn of Angers maternity ward. When, for the first time, their delicate pupils open to the world, what do they see? Women with angels' hair, babies twirling around, fishes laughing, ducks smiling... They see grace, humor, life. They see the drawings of Quentin Blake", writes the newspaper.

Le Monde points out that the drawings set up in the Centre hospitalier universitaire are the first these human beings will see all their life : "A few years (after their birth), they will meet the British illustrator with his cartoon strips Les Cacatoes or Armeline Fourchedrue. Later, they will devour Roald Dahl novels who worked with Quentin Blake for the famous movie Charlie et la chocolaterie". Le Monde continues the list with the work of Blake for classic master works written by Dumas or Cervantes. "Blake is much more than a simple illustrator. It's an artist whose production can escort us from the day nursery to the retirement home", comments Le Monde.

Credit Pictures: Angers Maternity Ward
The drawings of Quentin Blake, already world famous, when they were set up in the Centre hospitalier universitaire, will may be attract pregnant women looking for a favourable environment for the arrival of their babies in the world? English nurses are now sought.

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