18 December, 2012

The increase of unemployment considered as "inescapable"

As France, Angers territory is few by few affected by the growth of unemployement. The number of persons without job has increased by 13% during a twelve months period ending on october 2012. At that time, more than 15 000 persons were out of work within the limits of the agglomeration of Angers. According to local observers, those figures illustrate a strong deterioration. That is more than the double of the increased noticed in May 2012 during the twelve previous months. 

But this is only a part of the crisis. If, the number of persons having worked till 78 hours and above 78 hours during the last month is added, the figure of job seekers rises to about 24 000. The increase is close to the 10%. The trend of deterioration of unemployment goes back to the 2011 second trimester. Two categories of Angers inhabitants look more affected by the deterioration of the economy : the women and the youngs. 

Angers city could be one of the most affected towns of the Pays de la Loire. The rate of unemployed persons in Angers was about 9,4%, a figure more important than those of Maine et Loire (8,9%) and the region (8,3%). Few by few, Angers is nearing France average (9,7%). And the number of persons laid off has increased of more than 6% in Angers during the twelve months period ended in October 2012.

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